Revenant Custom Hunting Rifle

Choosing a Custom Hunting Rifle

For most avid sportsmen, there is a strong desire to own a custom hunting rifle, designed to be the perfect size, weight, and contour. Finish, trigger pull, and scope chosen to match are also vital for the best hunting experiences. Many find their needs met in a custom hunting rifle. Ever considered purchasing one? Read on to find out if it’s right for you.


Customized rifles have many benefits that can enhance your hunting experience in a way that most off-the-shelf, factory rifles simply can’t. Customized weapons offer options that satisfy widely different hunting styles. And they can even compensate for physical limitations. So, it makes sense that custom hunting rifles are more expensive than an off-the-shelf rifle. However, a quick price search will likely leave you wondering. Are the advantages of owning a custom hunting rifle really worth the extra costs?

custom hunting rifle
The Ovis – Revenant Custom Rifle’s very first custom hunting rifle.


One of the easiest ways to decide if you’ll get your money’s worth is to ask yourself how passionate you are about hunting. If you are reading on, you’re likely ready to step into the world of owning a customized rifle. You know that when it comes to hunting, it’s all about the experience. You’ll probably still enjoy those trips with a factory made hunting rifle. In fact, if you are just getting into hunting, it’s smart to start with a factory-made weapon until you get to know your weapons of choice.

However, if you are hunting every weekend, a custom-made hunting rifle could easily be worth the extra cash. It makes perfect sense that you want the best possible tools at your disposal. Ultimately, if you are an avid hunter, a rifle made just for you will pay for itself in no time.


Every manufacturer of factory-made rifles boasts that their weapons are the most accurate, shoot the farthest, and feel the best in your hands. But, beware: their claims are simply not all true. Furthermore, because of their mass production, off-the-shelf rifles are more commonly found to fall short of their claim. They may come with some type of defect, often minor but sometimes significant. It’s a fairly small risk that’s not necessarily a deterrent to buying a factory weapon. But are you willing to be flexible when it comes to your weapon’s capabilities and performance?

Imagine a misfire when staring down the barrel at a trophy buck! Custom barrels are hand-lapped, and it may be a better fit for you. Because custom-made rifles are crafted one at a time, or in very small batches, their creators will be well aware of the abilities of each individual weapon. They will give you a more precise and accurate run down of the rifle itself, and offer a MOA accuracy guarantee. So, you can expect a great level of care and attention to be put into a custom made rifle.

Some crafters of custom rifles offer a complete custom build experience that includes options for receivers, barrels, triggers, bolt knobs, stocks, muzzle brakes, and even colors. Does building your own rifle, choosing the options best for you, and creating your own unique hunting experience appeal to you? Consider a custom hunting rifle!


Keep in mind that factory-made and custom-made rifles are not always mutually exclusive. If you’re tempted by the idea of a customized weapon, but not sure you have the money to spend on a fully-customized one right now, consider buying a factory-made weapon and customizing a few choice elements. For example, you could buy a customized barrel. Or you may find a reputable gunsmith and request a few specifics you would like improved. Whether you are happy with your factory-made rifle, longing for a custom weapon, or curious to try a blend of both, there is a rifle out there for you that will make your hunting experience rewarding and unique.   


There is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing between factory or custom-made weapons. Make the choice that best fits you. There are online resources that can help you decide what weapon is best for you, including the online store, Revenant Custom Rifles. Their expertise provides detailed choices for each customizable gun piece available and gives you precise costs. Whether you pick an off-the-shelf rifle, a fully customized one, or something in between, enjoy your weapon and enjoy your hunting experience!